Faith Alive Family Church Following Jesus

About us

We started out as people’s Church of London in a converted house at 72 Wellington St, London ON.

When we purchased our larger building, we changed our name to Faith Alive Family Church. Our faith is living, not dead. We are also a family church where people of all ages are welcome to come with their children and grandchildren.

This is a smaller church but we are also closer together and no one is ignored, invisible or indispensable. If you want a large church where you can come and go with no one knowing you were even there, there are large churches around. If you want to be drawn close to people who care and have fellowship with fellow believers, this may be the church for you.

Faith Alive is also a church where people are encouraged to grow in their gifts. We would rather use people than let them rust away. Are you rusting? Come in and get involved!